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Homeowners insurance is extremely important for everyone who owns a home. There are several reasons that you will want to look...

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Insurance is a source of security. You need to protect yourself, loved ones and your property during times of crisis. When things go wrong, you are usually emotionally overwhelmed. The last thing you need is having to worry about how to pay for all the bills. Let us help you secure your present and future.

Insurance is also about preservation. Americans work hard to attain property, raise families and start businesses. You deserve to retain and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Insurance is a key means of protecting present and future wealth.

Again, let our team at Bold Insurance Services LLC help you prepare for those accidents and situations that can cause financial and emotional distress.

Our Coverage Areas


Your North Dakota home deserves insurance so that you and your family can keep a roof over your heads when an accident occurs. You might also consider getting some home insurance to further protect any valuable items you have inside the dwelling.


North Dakota requires motorists to maintain auto insurance In case they cause a road accident.

We suggest you have more than the minimum mandatory coverage because the costs of repairing and replacing vehicles have increased significantly over the years.


Your business is always under threat of lawsuits, workplace injuries and other situations that can cause significant financial setbacks. Having a strong commercial insurance policy can at times be the difference between staying in business and closing.


We offer a range of life insurance policies for clients who want to purchase coverage for themselves or another person.


Keep your vehicle adequately protected in case of accidents, theft, vandalism or other unfortunate situation.


State law mandates cyclist’s own vehicle insurance to cover damage caused by them in an accident.

As always, we think you should have coverage beyond the basic minimum to ensure you can handle any required costs.


Even if you do not own your home or other real estate, we think it wise to get renters insurance to cover any damage, theft or other problem that could occur where you live.

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When it comes to insurance, we strive to provide the best. We can help you get the following coverages:

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