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The agents of Bold Insurance Services LLC North Dakota will provide you with the type of auto insurance that is required. Car insurance is mandatory for all states. States to require minimum auto insurance coverage. North Dakota's minimum requirement is $25,000 per person for bodily injury, $50,000 for total bodily injuries for all individuals in the car, $25,000 for property damage. Further, Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist is required,

States have a fault or no-fault insurance. A fault state requires your insurance to pay by the party at fault. In a no-fault jurisdiction, the fault is not material, and each party'' insurance pays for damages to themselves. North Dakota is a no-fault state.

Car insurance is needed to pay on a car payment loan or lease payment because the lender has a lien on the car and will require that you purchase collision coverage and comprehensive coverage to protect the lender's investment; this insurance will help you repair or replace the car. With complete coverage, the damage does not have to be a result of an accident and could be the result of a hail storm or hitting an object in the road. Collision coverage pays for any damage to your car. The reason why you have car insurance is to pay for the costs associated with an accident which would include legal fees, medical costs and lost income to any injured party including passengers. Otherwise, you would be legally responsible for all these costs and pay out-of-pocket. Auto insurance would include any medical or financial injury to passengers as well. The medical payment's coverage would consist of personal injury protection, which would also include hospital visits, doctor bills, and surgery. Therefore, a car insurance policy will help protect your wallet and vehicle. Peace of mind is the primary reason for auto insurance.

The agents of Bold Insurance Services LLC North Dakota will provide you with the type of auto insurance that you need. Please call!

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