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Commercial Insurance In North Dakota

The agents of Bold Insurance Services LLC North Dakota will show you how to save your business, your livelihood and your career with commercial insurance, while commercial or business insurance is not mandatory in Texas.

The main types of commercial insurance are property insurance, liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance. It is critical that companies carry commercial insurance otherwise any major lawsuit against a business could result in damage to its financial resources. Everything a business owner owns can be lost because of injury to an employer or a customer, destruction of business data stored in your computer, physical damage to business property, loss of your business and personal reputation. A costly and lengthy lawsuit to pay attorney fees can cripple the assets of small businesses. Business insurance prepares the business for any crisis.

Commercial insurance would include Commercial General Liability policy, Business Owners Policy (BOP), Cyber Insurance, Directors and Officers Insurance, Workers' Compensation, Commercial Auto Insurance, and Professional Malpractice Insurance. General Liability Insurance is the essential insurance that must be in place before you allow your first customer or client in the door. This insurance would protect the business for bodily injury claims, medical costs, data loss, and property damage.

A Business Owners Policy (BOP) combines General Liability Insurance and Property Insurance and is particularly useful if the business owns the building which would include you own the building which houses the business which would include business property, such as desks, computers, and tables. Additionally, the BOP would protect the business if a client is injured on the property and business injury due to employee dishonesty and property damage because of a fire or a flood.

A separate Workers Compensation Policy is designed to pay for any worker's injury, a result of the employee being injured on the premises or going to and from work. Professional Liability Policy would protect the business owner for any harm caused to a client as a result of the services provided.

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